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Update #7 - Kit PvP

eluganzor Management posted Aug 17, 16

Hello everyone,

We now have a release date and time for our Kit PvP server. Doors will be opened on friday at 1 PM GMT(+00:00, 9 AM EST(-04:00). Convert to your timezone if need be.

The server will feature many kits, different quest npcs, storage, leaderboards, 1.8 PvP in 1.9.4 and a custom built map by Hyperion and a bit of landscaping done by us. A special thanks to Goglepo, Lightning0lizard and j3lt3. There's more to come and are already being planned.

We hope that you are as excited as we are.

Follow us on Facebook for events, news and more!


- XenoFlux Staff & Management

GamerWolves R Cant wait! :DD But ill have to wait till next day because of school thou :/

Hello everyone,

as of 15 minutes from now a building competition will begin. The competition will last for an entire week, which gives everyone plenty of time to partake. The prizes will be as following, 5 Rare Crate keys for first place, 2 Rare Crate keys for second place and 2 Vote Crate Keys for third plays. The keys can be exchanged for points, if the winner wishes to do so. We wish everyone good luck.

And with that we have created a facebook page for XenoFlux. It will be actively used not only to promote important messages and competitions within the community, but also Minecraft in general. The link for the page is down below.


- XenoFlux Management

You all have been waiting for it but now it's here - Shortly the Creative server will be released and you'll all get the chance to build away!

On to other news, Absense. Over the next week, you won't see much of myself or Fred. Fred is going on vacation for the next week to Spain whilst I will be away after Thursday until Sunday as I will be going to my families caravan on the east coast.

We look forward to being back soon and we hope that you'll all help Mother and the other staff members out while were gone!

Kind Regards,

Server Management.

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